Oedipus Rex

Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex
Directed by Anatoly Antohin
Set design by Timaree McCormick
Costumes by Tara Maginnis
Lighting design by Kade Mendelowitz
April, 2005

The cast stars
Levi Ben-Israel as Oedipus
By Valentine as Jocasta
Ben Coffroth as Priest
Jon-Kiefer Bowne as Teiresias
Gerry Berman as 1st Messenger
Jenny Schlotfeldt as 2nd Messenger
Craig Brookes as Shepherd
Jacqueline Stowman as Antigone
The Chorus is led by Chip Brookes
Ensemble members include
Rachel Blackwell
Brian Smart
R.P. Staska
June Thiele
Molly Wilson