No Exit

No Exit was a student directorial thesis for which I served as the lead designer.

September 28-October 7, 2007

Written by: Jean Paul Sartre
Directed by: Ben Coffroth
Set and Lighting Designer: Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Designer: Paula Daabach
Sound Desiugner: Matt Krell
Stage Manager: Andrew Cassell

The Valet: Michael Shaeffer
Garcin: Craig Brookes
Inez: Jenny Schlotfeldt
Estelle: Anna Gagne-Hawes
Butoh Movement Ensemble:
(Huis Clos Performers)
Adam Gillette
Rhianna Johnson
Jasmine Johnson – Choreographer
Fiona Lundquist
Hadassah Nelson
Carrie Seward
Molly Wilson