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Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive DVD's

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Introducing a new line of high quality DVD's on the art of makeup for the theatre.
What makes these DVD's so special?

Tara Maginnis
Dr. Tara Maginnis

  • Instructor Dr. Tara Maginnis (webmistress of describes the entire process of applying the makeup effect as she demonstrates in real time.
  • Learn from a teacher - Tara Maginniswas a professor and costume designer in the Theatre Department of the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1990-2007She now is living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is an instructor and costume design specialist at Diablo Valley College and has been teaching makeup design for over a decade.
  • She is the model - you're not watching some bored model have the makeup applied while the artist speaks from off-camera.
  • The demonstration is directed straight into the camera - not reflected off of a mirror at an odd angle.
  • Chapter menus allow you to jump around the specific points of the lesson making it easier to review.

Disc 1:

Yourself Only Moreso - 24.5 minutes
“Corrective” - 35 minutes

Special Features:
• A Brief History of Makeup in the West - 10 minutes
• “There’s nothing wrong with your face” - 3 minutes
• The Skull the bones beneath your face - 1 minute
• Photographing your face - 1.5 minutes
• Rendering with face outline sheets - 30 seconds
• Choosing your base color - 3 minutes
• Removing makeup - 30 seconds
• Cleaning your brushes - 2 minutes
• Makeup morgue - 2 minutes
• Makeup kits - 3 minutes
Computer Features:
Available as PDF files via your computer:
• Making Up A Practical and Exhaustive Treatise on this Art For Professional and Amateur by James Young - 1905
• Denison’s Make-Up Guide for Amateur and Professional T. S. Denison & Company 1916
• How to “Make-Up” A Practical Guide for Amateurs, etc... by S. J. Adair Fitz-Gerald
• Hageman’s Make-Up Book by Maurice Hageman - 1898
• How to “Make-Up” by Haresfoot & Rouge
• Max Factor’s Hints on the Art of Make-Up; 8 booklets published by Max Factor’s Make-Up Studios
Also available via your computer DVD-Rom:
• Over 200 Makeup Morgue images
• Interactive Demos of our other Theatrical Design titles.

Disc 2:

Aging Yourself - 65 minutes
Aged Character “Happy” - 34 minutes
Aged Character “Angry” - 48 minutes
8 Alternative Designs / Time Lapse Looks

Disc 3:

Hyper-feminine / “Drag” - 40 minutes
Beards / Facial Hair - 48 minutes
Horror - 20 minutes
Cross-Gender - 22 minutes
7 Alternative Designs / Time Lapse Looks

Disc 4:

Nose (and Tooth) Wax - 61 minutes
Cuts / Bruises - 57 minutes
Kabuki - 20 minutes
Animal - 53 minutes
10 Alternative Designs / Time Lapse Looks


View streaming clips from the collection!
Requires the Free Flash 8 plug-in to view. If you can see the slip to the left, you should be able to view the videos. High speed internet suggested!

Each DVD contains two to four complete lessons.
Disk 4 features: four complete lessons including "Cuts and Bruises".

The clips to the left are nearly the complete "Cuts and Bruises" lesson. Approximately 54 minutes of video!
We're also on YouTube - though the clips here are of higher quality.

Of course, being on the web, these sample clips are of reduced quality to the video on the DVD. To help with the streaming aspect; each DVD chapter segment has been made into it's own piece. Just return to the "Menu" (top left of each clip) to check out other parts. Enjoy!

In addition to the individual effects lessons (such as "Kabuki", "Character Ages", "Horror", "Yourself Only Moreso"...) you are also lead through the building blocks of makeup design including "Rendering", "Makeup Morgues" and more - including this sample clip about Makeup Kits and supplies.

This sample is availalbe in Flash Video (requires the free Flash 8 plug-in to view). If you can see an image to the left; you should have the viewer already installed!

spaceA complete library of 13 Makeup effects now available through, directly and/or Stage Research!
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space Also available now: Sound Design Interactive Multimedia cross-platform DVD!

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