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Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive educational videos are now available for streaming for free!

In response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Cvid-19), Dr. Tara Maginnis and Multimakers Multimedia have decided to make the entire series of "Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive" videos available online for free.
For those interested in the 4-DVD set: that is still available for purchase.

You may visit our YouTube channel for the video collection.

Learn about Theatrical Design at your own pace...interactively! Lighting and Sound discs work on both PCs and Macs* - featuring dozens of animations, video, color photos and more to help make learning fun and engaging.

Makeup DVD's feature Dr. Tara Maginnis (of fame) putting makeup on herself as she talks and walks you through the process of becoming a character!
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* Please see system requirements for the disc you are interested in.

Introducing “Theatrical Lighting Design Interactive” version 3 – a complete lighting design course which teaches you the entire process…while you control the pace!
Interactive DVD that works on Windows and Mac

  • Over 425 full-color photographs. (not just a few “plates”)
  • 141 audio clips (not including video/audio tracks)
  • 73 animations to clarify complex concepts.
  • Award-winning videos (over 2 hours!)
  • The included “Mini Light Lab” lets you experiment with millions of options for virtual cues.
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