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A Night for Conversation A Play by Kade Mendelowitz
for use as a Lighting Design project
part of Theatrical Lighting Design Interactive

A Night for Conversation is a short (23 minute) play written by Kade Mendelowitz to be used as a Lighting Design project. Most "paper projects" don't give the student any sense of blocking or movement to the piece - watching a rehearsal, even with scripts in hand, helps the student figure out their cue plot (where cues should go) and often helps with conceptual insight and color/angle choices. I have produced three plays for the sake of "simply" giving the student a script they can read, and rehearsals they can watch which will aid them in this process.

3 sample plays are included for this purpose.

Download a PDF of the script Case 457
Download a PDF of the script A Night for Conversation

Your Assignment:
  • Read the play "A Night for Conversation".
  • Print the groundplan, then make an enlarged copy to 1/2" scale.
  • Watch the rehearsal video (below or on YouTube)
  • Write a concept paper
  • Develop your Cue Plot (cue synopsis) & Color Key
  • Create (draft) your lightplot
Here is a copy of the assignment in PDF format if you'd like to print it.
Your Budget/Equipment Allocation:
  • (12) 26 degree Source Four lekos @ 750 watts each
  • (20) 19 degree Source Four lekos @ 750 watts each
  • (20) 6” Fresnels @ 750 watts each
  • (4) 3-cell (3 color) Far Cyc lights @ 750 watts each cell
  • (5) Par 64 Medium Floods @ 1,000 watts each
  • (30) 2.4kw dimmers
  • (2) 10’ booms with bases
  • (6) 1’-6” side-arms available
  • Unlimited cable, gel frames & gobo holders

    $71 for gel and gobos
    Gel: $5.00 / 20”x24” sheet any brand
    Gobos: $12 / each any brand

Costume renderings by Bethany Marx.
Click on an image for a larger version or download a printable PDF here.
Julia costume renderingWilliam costume renderingWilliam costume rendering

A groundplan is available here (as a PDF) Groundplan

Having trouble with the video? Watch it directly on Vimeo or YouTube.