How to Hang a Theatrical Lighting Instrument
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How to Hang a Theatrical Lighting Instrument

How to Hang a Theatrical Lighting Instrument

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Hanging a unit

To hang a lighting instrument on a pipe, first place the instrument’s C-clamp on the pipe with the bolt pointing away from the area of focus. This will allow you to have complete control of the unit when focusing without having to over-extend your reach. Once the instrument is placed properly, hand-tighten the C-clamp. Using a “C” or “open end adjustable” wrench, tighten the bolt by either two quarter-turns or one half-turn clockwise. Remember the direction with the rhyme "Righty tighty, lefty loosey".

Once the C-clamp is securely tightened, attach a safety cable to the unit and pipe. This will ensure that the instrument will not accidentally fall. Do not leave the unit hanging straight down. Raise the front of the unit up slightly. This will ensure the gel will not fall out when the pipe is flown out to trim height.

If hanging a leko, pull the shutters all the way out. Failing to do this makes the unit appear to be “Off” during a dimmer check; as the closed shutters hide all of the light coming from the lamp.

Completing the circuit is the last step in hanging a unit. When you plug the unit in be sure there is some slack to the cable behind the instrument. Otherwise, if the cable is too tight, the electrician may accidentally unplug the unit when trying to focus it.

When focusing, use the pan screw to adjust the unit from side to side. And, use the yolk locking knob to adjust the unit up and down.