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Par Cans

Par Cans

Par cans are relatively inexpensive, efficient, and easy to use - which makes them popular choices for fashion shows and retail displays in addition to the entertainment industry.
Par Cans are sized based on the lamp they use; based how many eigths of an inch
Standard Par sizes
Par 36 Par 46 Par 56 Par 64
36 8ths 46 8ths 56 8ths 64 8ths
4.5 inches 5.75 inches 7 inches
(uses a 6" standard / 6.5" actual gel frame)
8 inches
Par Cans
Par cans are available in black, white and silver.

Par Can animation video
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Par Can Features video
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The easiest unit to focus is the parking. Once they are pointed in the proper direction, you may reach into the rear of the unit and rotate the base of the lamp. This will spin the filament into the proper direction.

Typical Par Cans have the lens, filament and reflector built into the lamp of the unit. Some modern Par Cans, like this one from ETC, keeps the components separate. This allows you to change the lens more easily – affecting the throw of the light. To spin the projected light – rotate the lens ring.

Par Cans are designed to evenly distribute heat at most any angle, allowing the unit to be hung in interesting positions. Because the unit may be hung upside down, there is often a gel clip at the top of the unit.

This extra clip keeps the gel from falling out accidentally. Barn doors are available for par cans. These allow for more control of the light, much as shutters do with Lekos. However, barn doors do not offer the same crisp clarity of a shutter. Please note that using a barn door with a par can demands some caution as the barn door is often heavier in wait in the par can instrument.

Most barn doors have slots for gels and some can be spun. Barn doors come in two or four flap versions. And I also recommend you tie off your barn door.