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Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive educational videos are now available for streaming for free!

Featuring: Tara Maginnis
  • Instructor Dr. Tara Maginnis (webmistress of describes the entire process of applying the makeup effect as she demonstrates in real time.
  • Learn from a teacher - Tara Maginniswas a professor and costume designer in the Theatre Department of the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1990-2007.¬†She now is living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is an instructor and costume design specialist at Diablo Valley College and has been teaching makeup design for over a decade.
  • She is the model - you're not watching some bored model have the makeup applied while the artist speaks from off-camera.
  • The demonstration is directed straight into the camera - not reflected off of a mirror at an odd angle.
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